Darksiders 2 has officially been released! I am happy to have been able to contribute as an environment artist to this beautiful game.

I worked on the final level of the game (the huge demon castle), and also on helped finalize the inner-city levels. I was responsible for editing existing assets, textures and asset creation.  I worked closely with Environment Art Director John Pearl and a small team to polish the entire final level and bring it into Xbox memory compatibility.

Below is a small example of what I did on DS2. When I have a chance to play through the game, I will gather more screenshots to showcase my work.

One of my responsibilities was to reduce geometry and texture inefficiency of assets throughout the entire level. This screenshot is one of many assets I helped to reduce. As you can see, I reduced the asset by half but still kept the silhouette and the quality of the original piece of art.




I often created new assets using existing textures and geometry, such as the giant platform and floor plate below. The circular platform was once small and square, and I had to re-create it as large and circular



Below is a ledge that the main character, Death, will traverse. I created this using Zbrush, 3DsMax, and Photoshop. It is made to be modular, and is one part of a set.






Again, when I play through the game I will be posting some screenshots, so please stay tuned!

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